Introducing The 

Why have a boring empty roof when you can have your very own vibrant rooftop garden? Discover how easy it is to realise your own green roof with the ANS GrufeKit, and its many benefits.


Easy Self-Installation 

No previous experience is necessary to implement your ANS GrufeKit System, giving you full flexibility and creative control over your green roof project.




Low Maintenance

The modular design of each pre-grown GrufeKit tile comes with everything it needs to flourish, and makes maintenance, moving and replacement easy. As it the systems retains rainwater it doesn't require any irrigation or special drainage.


In Your GrufeKit

Included in your ANS GrufeKit will be everything you need to get your green roof project completed in a few easy steps; A Protection Fleece for your roof, your choice of GrufeTiles, and optional GrufeGuard and Stone.

Why Invest In A Green Roof?

Installing a green roof on your home or commercial property's roof provides a myriad of benefits:


Structural Protection

Sound Insulation

Temperature Regulation

Rainwater Retention

Building Ratings


  Air Quality


ANS GrufeKit


Varied Product Range

ANS's qulity product range give you a choice of our three popular roof types to choose from;

  Brown Wildflower Sedum

Sedum & Wildflower

Sedum Green Roof

 Our expert staff can also help guide your creation of a bespoke green roof if you have a specific plant preferences.



More Information

For more detailed information on the GrufeKit specifications and installation process, please visit the GrufeKit page on ANS global website below:

For price enquiries or to discuss Living Canvas with one of's expert staff, please Contact us.